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Carol Myhill, Founder

Carol Myhill became passionate about real estate and investing after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad in 2016. She has a Masters in Communication from the University of Ottawa, and her background includes working in hospitality, teaching and organizational consulting.

In 2023, Carol founded the Sault Ste. Marie Real Estate Investors Organization to help connect like-minded individuals and foster opportunities for growth and success in the real estate market. A believer in the Golden Rule, she treats others with respect and honesty in all her dealings.

With a basic understanding of Spanish, Carol is able to assist clients from Latin America who are looking to invest in the Canadian market. She takes pride in providing quality service and guidance to her clients, helping them navigate the complex world of real estate with confidence and ease. 

Carol's peak life experiences include being stranded overnight at Machu Picchu, swimming in the Greek isles and running a 10K in New York City. You can reach Carol at 705.297.9110 or

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